Pro Diesel Washer 4000 PSI

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Pro Diesel Washer 4000 PSI :      $1,955 AUD ($2,150 Inc. GST)

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    13HP Diesel Motor
    Electric or Pull Start
    Reduction Gearbox
    4000PSI Pump
    15 Metre Braided Hose
    Professional Wand
    Detergent pick up
    Four Wheel Trolley
    This is a professional high-pressure washer coupled to a powerful 13 horsepower electric start diesel engine via a reduction gearbox.
    The reduction gearbox slows the pump speed down giving it a longer working life.
    The unit is supplied with 5 different pressure nozzles to give the complete range of pressure sprays that you may need in any industrial or commercial workplace.
    The pump is an oil-filled 4000PSI pressure pump that has the added feature of a venturi, allowing the operator to use various washing agents to assist in a variety of cleaning applications.
    The unit is supplied with four solid tires assisting the operator to move with ease to any position.
    It is easy to use and takes just moments to set up on-site.
    Couple the following items to your pressure washer to broaden its uses and reduce your workload:

    Rotary Turbo Nozzle
    Sandblasting Nozzle
    High-Pressure Floor Cleaners
    5 metre wand for multi-story buildings for extra cleaning power
    Drain Cleaners, Hot Boxes, and others are available on request.

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