Diesel Compressor 4HP 70 Litre 13CFM 145PSI

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Diesel Compressor 4HP 70 Litre 13CFM 145PSI :      $1,264 AUD ($1,390 Inc. GST)

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    Diesel 4HP
    13 CFM
    Air Switch Throttle Control
    Fitted with Pressure Regulator
    70 Lt Tank
    Easy Start bypass valve
    Workplace Compliant
    Australian Design Registered
    This unit has all the features that you are looking for plus more. Unit features 2 cylinder compressor pump displacement 13CFM, 100% cast-iron tough construction compressor pump as per the pictures above. This pump has a HIGH CFM and HIGH PSI at a LOW RPM. This tells you that our pump is much larger and runs at a slower RPM of our compressor is putting out more air at a much slower speed. Just remember, low RPM is better...your pump runs cooler and will last much longer. Our units are 100% rebuild-able.Low RPM benefits are:Smoother RunningLonger Compressor LifeLess HeatMuch more dependabilityOur compressors are built for dependability with raised compressor units to allow better cooling of the compressor unit, copper piping after the compressor to cool the compressed air after it is compressed. When the compressor reaches capacity the engine will idle. This conserves the compressor, giving longer compressor life. Other features are listed below. Please read the specification list to appreciate the value in this unit.We also sell Petrol and Electric Powered 100 lt compressors

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