7 kVA Diesel Generator 240V - KUBOTA Powered Meccalte

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7 kVA Diesel Generator 240V - KUBOTA Powered Meccalte :      $8,636 AUD ($9,500 Inc. GST)

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    Kubota Powered
    Kubota Reliability
    Meccalte Alternator
    7 kVA 240 Volt
    Compact Canopy 130cm Long
    Water Cooled
    Silenced 62dB at 7 metres
    1 x 32 Amp 2 × 15amp 240volt outlets
    Australian Compliant
    Full RCD andamp; M.E.N. Wiring
    Easy connect ATS plug
    Remote Start Systems Available
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    What sets apart?Our generators are not standard factory machines that other competitors can buy, our machines have had 12 years of refinements and modifications and are made to our high Australian standards.A Diesel powered generator is by far the best choice for off-grid power production or as an ideal complement for off-grid solar power for running your home essentials like your kitchen, laundry tv, computer and lighting. The andlt;Less than 2% - CLEAN SINEWAVE POWER output is good for all sensitive electronic equipment. With a much longer shelf life as petrol, Diesel fuel also far more economical. A diesel generator will run on half the fuel a petrol generator will use. That's savings you can't ignore. Kubota engines have been known for their reliability for over 90 years. Our 7kVA Diesel Generator is well equipped under the hood, powered by a Kubota three-cylinder industrial engine that you can always depend on. With earth leakage protection to Australian standards and fully equipped with fail-safe engine protection, the generator is as safe as it is dependable. The Able range of generators is known for producing a stable and consistent output with industry-leading reliability.Kubota Engine: A name with a very good reputation for reliability and quiet operationWorld-leading high-quality Leroy Somer Alternator1500 RPM, 3 Cylinder Kubota Engine: Generators with a low RPM last longer and have a more stable operation.Water Cooled: Perfectly suited for use in extreme temperatures Safety First: Failsafe fuel solenoid for guaranteed safety shutdownUp to Spec: Wired to Australian Standards to guarantee compliance and safety
    Kubota powered generators all come with a2 YEARS OR 2,000 HOURS KUBOTA ENGINE WARRANTY,2 YEARS OR 1,500 HOURS GENERATOR WARRANTY.Able's branches all have fully equipped workshops with most spare parts available and professional personnel,who know how to support your generator.
    You may ask why we have air-cooled units similar to this at more than half the price? Simply put water-cooled generators last 3-4 times longer, so if you are going to run this for only a few hours a day may be an air cooling unit may be better for you, just ask our experts when you call.Diesel motors are far more reliable than petrol engines as there is no electrical spark needed to combust the fuel so say goodbye to ignition issues of petrol engines. Diesel is also safer to carry around or transfer as it is way less combustible than petrol. Diesel motors mix their air and fuel outside the combustion chamber in the inlet port. Diesel's other advantage is that it has a much higher compression ratio than unleaded petrol, which makes it more efficient.An important note, primary power is what the generator can produce for extended periods of time, standby power is what a generator can produce for a very short time, some companies overstate the standby power so their machines appear cheaper, plays no part in these claims.

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