530 kVA Diesel Genset 415V - Cummins Powered Stamford Alternator

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530 kVA Diesel Genset 415V - Cummins Powered Stamford Alternator :      $77,182 AUD ($84,900 Inc. GST)

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    Cummins Powered
    Cummins Reliability
    Cummins Australia Warranty
    Stamford Alternator
    530 kVA 415 Volt
    Water Cooled
    Electronic Speed Governed
    Synchronization Capable
    Australian Compliant
    Full RCD andamp; M.E.N. Wiring
    Remote Start Systems Available
    Custom Build to Your Specifications
    Our heavy-duty 530kVA diesel generator is top of the industry in every aspect. Water cooling, clean and high-quality power output, a tough, waterproof canopy, and a large fuel tank. Best of all at its core lay a Cummins QSZ13-G3 6 Cylinder Diesel Turbocharged ECM engine. Cummins is one of the best names in the industry for almost a hundred years, therefore, the ABLE 530kVA model is one of the cost-effective and high-performance diesel generators you can buy for your power needs!
    Best suited for use in mine sites, commercial or industrial operations.
    For more help in deciding what generator size is right for your needs, check out our interactive Generator Power Calculator.
    Key Features:

    Reliable Engine: Equipped with the world-renowned Cummins 6 Cylinder Diesel Turbocharged ECM engine.
    Robust Design: Tough-built, silenced, water-resistant canopy designed for rugged outdoor use.
    Watercooled: So it will run and withstands extremely hot conditions while it also extends the life of the engine over time.
    Stable Operation:  10 Hours continuous stable power at prime load, thanks to its low 1500 RPM engine which generates more stable operation.
    Quiet Operation: thanks to the phenomenal Cummins engine, it won’t keep you up
    Sound Level:  75dbA at 7 metres
    Fuel-efficiency: Diesel fuelled - 101 litres/hour at prime load
    Highest Safety Standards: Australian Safety Standards compliant.
    Easy to Use: The straightforward digital control panel makes the generator easy to use.
    Easy Transportability: Designed with forklift slots for easy transportation.
    Easy to Maintain: Oil and filters are all you need

    Why Choose ABLE Diesel Generators?
    ABLE is a diesel generator industry leader for performance, build quality, Mine Spec, reliability, longevity, and safety. All ABLE diesel generators are specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment and usage. Our water-cooled diesel generators are particularly suited for Australia's hot climate. ABLE diesel generators are especially reliable, fuel-efficient, and incredible value for money. It will be hard to find a better value diesel generator in Australia.

    Dependable Reliability: Our water-cooled, diesel generators are rated to be tough enough for Australia's North for ultimate dependability. Our Generators operate with a standard runtime of 24 continuous hours on prime load to keep your home, business, or workshop operating for prolonged periods of time - weeks, not just for hours.
    Uncompromised Safety: ABLE diesel generators have full (ELCB) earth leakage protection protecting you against electrocution and are a requirement at all homes and workshops according to Australian Standards. They are fully equipped with fail-safe engine protection (low oil pressure shutdown, over-temperature shutdown, alternator overload control, general generator fault management)
    MineSpec Ready:  have a full range of Minespec-Ready generators in stock.
    Industry-Standard Warranty, Parts, and Support: We proudly stand behind our gensets with an industry-standard one-year (or 1000 hours) warranty and backup service on our diesel generators. We've got you covered, from faulty parts to defective workmanship for your peace of mind.

    Benefits of ALL ABLE Generators
    All ABLE generators are either selected or specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment and usage. They are "made tough to last" for maximum longevity. They are also reliable, fuel-efficient, and incredible value for money. It will be hard to find a generator of a better value in Australia.

    Made Tough to Last: ABLE generators are either designed by our in-house generator experts or carefully selected from our preferred suppliers based on quality, performance, reliability, longevity, and safety. They are built to high-quality standards and then each model is thoroughly tested, to ensure they will perform and withstand Australia's most challenging environments and usage.
    Ready to Go: We supply this generator fully prepared and primed with all fluids, ready for use upon receipt. Our in-house team thoroughly tests and preps every generator set with all fluids so it's ready for use immediately upon receipt.
    Easy-to-Find Consumables: It's such a hassle when consumables and parts you require to maintain your generator are hard to find, months after purchase when your supplier stops stocking for your model. Our generator consumables like filters will be available through us long after the warranty expires, or they are available almost everywhere.
    Full Spare Parts Stocked, Long After Warranty Expires: We will continue to stock parts for all our generators long after the warranty expires to keep you up and running.

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    We have many satisfied clients throughout Australia who choose to buy from us for the best quality and value, even after freight is considered. However, if you are in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Perth, do come in to inspect our machinery. Too busy to come in? Simply give our friendly staff a call for any advice you may require. We will recommend a generator to suit your needs, otherwise, we can custom build one to suit your specific requirements and deliver it straight to your door anywhere in Australia.

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