Diesel Piston 13HP 160 Litre 42CFM 145PSI

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Diesel Piston 13HP 160 Litre 42CFM 145PSI :      $2,082 AUD ($2,290 Inc. GST)

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    11HP 160lt 42CFM 125PSI
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    Diesel Powered 13HP 192 Engine
    Cast Iron Three cylinder
    42 CFM 145 PSI
    Electric Start / Recoil Start
    Key to Start/ Key to Stop
    160 LT Steel Tank
    Australian Design Registered
    Our diesel air compressor represents great value and reliability. This low RPM machine will run longer and more efficiently. Add in the pure economic benefits of diesel fuel and you have a compressor that will run for as long as you need, as hard as you need and won’t burn through the fuel or burn a hole in your wallet. House this reliable core in a strong, durable body of cast iron with copper connecting pipes and stainless steel reed valves and you have amazing durability and longevity. This is no disposable piece of equipment. 

    Minesite Compliance: Pressure vessel design registered for mine use

    Long Life: Cast iron air pump will go the distance

    Continuous Air: High airflow pump for demanding high use environments

    Reliable RPM Control: With our air actuated throttle control

    Diesel Engine: Economical, reliable and long-lasting

    Longevity: Strong pressure vessel structure and forklift points survive years of use


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